Rear-End Collision

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Rear-end collisions are among the most common types of car accidents. In most cases, the law assumes that rear-end collision are the fault of the driver that is behind the car that was hit.

The reasoning behind this legal assumption is that, in theory, a driver following another car should be:

  • Going at a reasonable speed (i.e. driving within the speed limits)
  • Leaving enough distance between his car and the car in front of him so that he has enough time to come to a stop without hitting the car in front of him even if that car needs to suddenly stop (due to, for example, there being debris in the roadway).

In some cases of rear-end collisions, however, the driver of the front car may be found to be partially or fully at fault. Some examples of this can include when a driver:

  • Pulls out from a shoulder or alleyway into oncoming traffic
  • Cuts off another driver already in a roadway lane
  • Merges onto a freeway without gaining speed and ends up cutting off another driver already going at the freeway speed limit

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Rear-End Collision Injuries and Compensation

When either the front or back driver (or both drivers) have acted negligently or recklessly and caused a rear-end collision, injured parties may be eligible for compensation for their property damage and car repair bills, mental anguish, medical bills and any lost wages they incurred due to their injuries. Such rear-end collision injuries commonly include (but are not limited to):

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