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While drivers can make errors or act recklessly and cause others to suffer from serious injuries, in some cases vehicle equipment defects can result in severe traffic accidents. When this happens, the manufacturer of the defective equipment and/or any mechanic who may have worked on such equipment could be held liable for victims’ injuries, medical bills, property damage, lost wages and mental anguish.

Some of the most common types of vehicle equipment malfunctions that cause car accident injuries include:

  • Airbag failures
  • Braking system failures
  • Seatbelt defects
  • Poorly designed floor mats (that can lodge under accelerator or brake pedals)
  • Faulty vehicle wiring
  • Tire defects (which can increase the likelihood of tire blowouts and/or detreading)

Injuries Caused by Defective Vehicle Equipment

Some of the most common types of injuries that can be caused by traffic accidents resulting from defective vehicle equipment include (but are not limited to):

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