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Red light camera laws in Missouri and Illinois still permit the use of these devices; however, this may soon change.
Red light camera laws in Missouri
and Illinois still permit the use of
these devices; however, this may
soon change.

Red light cameras are common features at busy intersections throughout St. Louis, as well as throughout the states of Missouri and Illinois. While these cameras are purported by law enforcement officials to be used to deter drivers from running red lights or otherwise breaking traffic laws, these devices are extremely effective revenue generators for the cities that use them. However, the use of red light cameras has come under fire in recent years due to arguments that these devices:

  • Increase the risk of intersection car accidents (as they distract drivers and, in some cases, cause motorists to have inappropriate reactions when it comes to yellow lights)
  • Are primarily used gather money for the cities that operate them at the risk of the public safety (due to the increased risk of accidents associated with them).

Such arguments have been the basis of a movement to get these cameras banned in both Missouri and Illinois. Although no bans have been effectively instituted as of yet, proponents for them are not backing down, as they view red light cameras to be greater menaces than safety devices.

Below are the current laws in place regarding the use of red light cameras in Missouri and Illinois.

Missouri Red Light Camera Laws

In Missouri, there is currently no state law governing the use of red light cameras; instead, these devices are operated under the supervision of the state’s Department of Transportation (DOT) policies. In some cases, local cities have enacted their own policies regarding the use of these devices.

Illinois Red Light Camera Laws

In Illinois, cities must have the proper local ordinances to operate red light cameras. When these cameras are in place and a motorist runs a red light, the cameras:

  • Take at least two pictures of the vehicle and its tags
  • Send the ticket to the registered owner of the vehicle (even if the owner was not the driver at the time of the alleged red light violation).

Although red light camera tickets in Illinois will not result in a moving violation or points added to motorists’ driving records, they can result in a $100 fine and/or the requirement to attend traffic school.

Because the laws regarding red light cameras seem to be on the brink of changing in both Missouri and Illinois, drivers should check with the latest updates to these laws before paying tickets issued by these cameras.

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