DUI Defense Strategies: DUIs and Drugs

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Although DUI and drug charges are serious, they can be easier than alcohol-related DUIs for skilled DUI defense lawyers to fight in court.
Although DUI and drug charges are serious, they can be
easier than alcohol-related DUIs for skilled DUI defense
lawyers to fight in court.

Facing DUI charges can be incredibly stressful, particularly when considering the possibility that a conviction can result in a number of serious and some long-term penalties. In addition to potentially having to go to jail, individuals convicted of DUIs may also have to:

  • Pay expensive fines
  • Serve extensive community service
  • Attend alcohol education classes
  • Have an ignition interlock device installed on their vehicle
  • Suffer damage to their personal and professional reputation.

Given such DUI penalties, it’s crucial that the accused has a strong defense to these charges. While the best DUI defense will depend on the circumstances of a given case, when DUI charges have been filed for alleged drug intoxication, it may be easier for a skilled DUI defense lawyer to fight the charges. This is because:

  • There are no legal limits in place to establish what amount of drugs in a person’s system constitutes intoxication. In other words, while a 0.08 blood alcohol content is legally defined as the limit at which a person is intoxicated, there is no corresponding limit for drugs.
  • Different people have different tolerance levels for drugs, and different drugs (including illegal, prescription and over-the-counter drugs) effect people in different ways.
  • Police officers are typically not trained to be drug recognition experts, which means that their observations regarding a person’s alleged intoxicated behavior can be disputed (or attributed to other factors, like medical conditions) when arguing against DUI charges.For example, if an officer tries to base his opinion of a person’s alleged drug intoxication on factors like a person’s blood shot eyes, a defense lawyer may be able to argue that the red eyes could, instead, be attributable to that individual’s allergic reaction to some stimulus.

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