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Defective products can cause severe injuries and even death. All too often, manufacturers choose to sell a product that can cause these serious injuries just so they can turn a larger profit. Millions of people are injured every year by these defective products.

Product liability is a type of claim that you can file against any party in the manufacturing chain for providing you with a defective product. Many different parties can be held responsible for your losses, including:

  • Manufacturers
  • Retailers
  • Wholesalers
  • Assemblers

Defective products and product liability claims do not apply to only products you purchase at the store. They can include:

  • Real estate
  • Documents (blueprints)
  • Pets
  • Intangible items (gas, electricity, water, etc.)

Choosing a Lawyer for a Defective Product Case

product liability lawsuit

Product liability claims are complicated to handle in the court system. Often, they involve many different clients who have been injured by similar products, many different witness testimonies, and require in-depth investigations.

Also, product liability claims are not simple legal proceedings; they may involve multiple defects that could have caused the injury and several different types of product liability that may apply to your particular case.

In any product liability claim, there can be three different ways of holding the other party responsible:

  • Strict Liability – You don't need to prove negligence – you just need to demonstrate that the product you used caused your injury.
  • Negligence – Where one or more parties were negligent in the manufacturing or selling of the defective product, which resulted in your injuries
  • Breach of Warranty – This occurs when a defective product that caused injury was under warranty to perform as specified but failed to do so, potentially constituting a breach of warranty.

Product Liability FAQs

What Do I Do If I Was Injured By a Defective or a Recalled Product?

The most important thing to do is get medical help to prevent any injuries from worsening or becoming life-threatening. Call 911 immediately if you suffered from a severe injury.

Once your injuries are taken care of, you can focus on gathering evidence for your defective product attorney to use during your lawsuit. When it comes to this type of lawsuit, you must prove that the defective or recalled item injured you. To prove your claim, you will need to show the following four items:

  • Evidence you suffered injuries or experienced loss, such as a medical bill
  • Proof the product was defective
  • How the defectiveness caused your injury
  • That the injury did not occur due to user error and you used the product as intended

Evidence you can use to prove these points may include the defective product itself, receipts of ownership, medical records, accident reports, photos of the injury, medical bills, and evidence the defendant knew about the defect.

Do I Need a Lawyer for a Product Liability Case?

While you are not required to have a lawyer, it can be challenging to navigate the complexities of product liability claims without experienced legal help. Brown & Brown, LLP offers a free consultation with our product liability lawyers to discuss your potential case and how our team can help you recover compensation. 

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Product Liability Lawyer?

When you hire a product liability lawyer, you'll have a knowledgeable and experienced partner by your side, advocating for your rights. We offer guidance on the legal process and expertise in handling negotiations with large corporations and insurance companies. Additionally, we seek maximum compensation for product-related injuries in St. Louis, MO, and Illinois.

What Should I Expect During a Product Liability Consultation?

During a product liability consultation at Brown & Brown, LLP, we'll conduct a comprehensive and supportive review of your case. Here's what the consultation typically involves:

  • Case Review: We'll discuss how the injury occurred, the product involved, and its impact on your life. Bring any relevant documents, such as medical records or correspondence with manufacturers.
  • Assessment of Compensation Potential: We will evaluate potential compensation for medical costs, lost wages, and other damages.
  • Legal Rights and Options: You'll learn about your legal rights and the strategies we might employ, including any potential challenges.
  • Next Steps: We'll outline the next steps, whether that's gathering more evidence or preparing for legal proceedings.
  • Q&A Session: This is a chance to ask questions and clarify any doubts, ensuring you feel informed and confident about how to proceed.
  • Financial Consideration: Our consultations are free, and we work on a contingency fee basis. You owe nothing unless we win your case.

We want you to leave the consultation feeling well-informed and ready to take the next steps in your product liability claim.

How Long Does It Take to Settle a Product Liability Lawsuit in St. Louis, MO, and Illinois?

The duration of a product liability lawsuit in St. Louis, MO, and Illinois can vary widely, typically ranging from several months to a few years. It depends on the complexity of the case, the amount of evidence, the response from defendants, court scheduling, and the length of settlement negotiations. 

For an accurate estimate based on your specific situation, consult with the best product liability lawyers at Brown & Brown, LLP, who can offer experienced guidance and strive to expedite your case effectively.

What Are Common Myths and Misconceptions About Product Liability?

Some of the most prevalent misconceptions about product liability are related to factors such as:

  • Recall Requirement: Many people mistakenly believe that a product must be recalled in order to pursue a liability claim, which is not true.
  • Minor Injuries: There's a misconception that minor injuries do not qualify for compensation. Regardless of the product's recall status or the severity of the injury, you might still have a valid claim.
  • Product Misuse: Some think that if a product was misused, it automatically voids any claim. However, this is only sometimes true, especially if the product's design or instructions were flawed or misleading.
  • Liability Targets: Another common myth is that you can only file product liability claims against manufacturers. In fact, liability can extend to various parties in the distribution chain, including retailers and suppliers.
  • Types of Damages: Some people assume that only physical injuries are compensable in product liability cases. Claims can also cover psychological impacts and other non-physical harms resulting from a defective product.

Consulting with a defective product attorney is essential to clarify the specifics of your situation and to dispel these and other myths, ensuring that your rights are fully understood and protected.

What Risks Are Associated With a Defective Product Lawsuit?

There are a few factors to consider if you're thinking of pursuing a defective product lawsuit. While there are no upfront fees from Brown & Brown due to our contingency fee basis, there may be other case-related fees to pay. These cases also require significant time for evidence collection and legal proceedings. You may experience some emotional stress, especially when combined with your injury recovery. Keep in mind that legal outcomes are unpredictable, and you may encounter some public exposure, as well. 

Our experienced product liability lawyers in St. Louis, MO, and Illinois are here to guide you through these challenges and work toward the best outcome. It's our goal to help you feel as comfortable as possible during the entire process. 

What Is the Common Law of Product Liability?

Common law product liability involves claims based on negligence, breach of warranty, or strict liability. Each type of claim requires different elements to be proven in court. Our attorneys can help you understand which legal theory best applies to your case.

How Do You Prove a Product Liability Claim?

Proving a product liability claim typically involves demonstrating that the product was defective, the defect caused your injury, and you suffered damages as a result. Evidence can include medical records, expert testimony, and documentation of the defect.

What Are the Defenses to Product Liability?

Common defenses include arguing that the plaintiff misused the product, the product was altered after it left the manufacturer, or the statute of limitations has expired. Understanding these defenses is crucial, as they can significantly impact the outcome of your case.

Can I Still File for a Product Liability Case Even if I Did Not Own the Defective Product?

Yes. You do not have to be the sole owner of the product in order to sue for an injury. This situation can cover incidents where products are borrowed from friends or other family members, and an accident occurs while the product is in your possession. While you will not need to provide proof of ownership if you never owned the product, you will have to prove that you still used it as intended and still suffered from injury.

What Can a Defective Product Lawsuit Cover?

The damages that a successful product labially claim can cover can include the following:

  • Medical expenses
  • Loss of income, wages, or profits
  • Mental anguish
  • Cost of therapy or rehabilitation for injury
  • Damage to surrounding property
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of consortium

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Why Choose Brown & Brown, LLP?

The team at Brown & Brown, LLP prioritizes your recovery and rights above all. Our attorneys, skilled in handling product liability cases, are committed to ensuring you receive the necessary medical care and maximum compensation for your injuries. 

With our contingency fee arrangement, you pay nothing unless we win, relieving financial pressure during tough times. Whether it's negotiating a settlement or representing you in court, we fight relentlessly on your behalf. 


And, if you're unable to visit us, we'll come to you so you can get the legal support you need without additional stress. Choose Brown & Brown, LLP for compassionate, tenacious legal representation that truly makes a difference.

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