Will I go to Jail?

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Transcript: Often people ask me, will I go to jail for this case? Most times the answer is no. The jails are very full. The last thing anybody wants is to throw you in jail. That’s for the most serious offenses. Usually, we can find an alternate route – a lot of times just community service. Sometimes there’s drug rehab for drug cases. Often the prosecutor wants you to attend classes of some sort. I know with our shoplifting cases they ask you to go to a theft defenders program. But no, generally speaking, you’re not going to go to jail. And it’s our job to keep you out. There’s a lot of ways around that. There’s probation. The last thing anybody wants to do is to put you in jail. My name is Ed Brown. Our phone number is (314) 333-3333. Our website is BrownLawOffice.com.