What is the Process for a Criminal Case?

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Transcript: We’re often asked what does the process entail, what happens when I call you, what’s the beginning and end of what you do for me? Well, the beginning is, I sit down with you, we talk about your case, we find out what the facts are from your point of view. From there we get the police report, we find out what the other side has, their evidence, which is called Discovery, we get all that. And then we negotiate with the prosecutors.

You’ve seen this on various TV shows – Law & Order – they love the process where the prosecutor and the defense get together and they discuss the seriousness and what the probable results will be. And these can take, for misdemeanors, usually a few months. For felonies, it can take up to a year, year and a half. The process varies with every case of course, but the end result is we try to get you the best resolution possible for your particular case.

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