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Injury and Accident Attorneys Serving St. Louis, Nearby Missouri, Fairview Heights, and Nearby Illinois

Transcript: I’m often asked about my experience. I’ve handled most types of cases that a criminal attorney will handle. I’ve worked in every county surrounding St. Louis. I’ve worked in St. Charles, Franklin, Jefferson, city of St. Louis, St. Louis County. And in Illinois, I’ve worked in Madison, St. Clair, Bond Counties.

I’ve been doing this since 1987. I started by clerking for a judge in Illinois, and I have a rich variety of experience in criminal law. I do enjoy the practice. I like getting a good result for my clients and if there is a question I don’t know, I know who to call to get the answer. So, when you call me you’re getting not only my experience, but the experience of my colleagues, which I have a good relationship, fortunately, with.

So, if you wish to give me a call, I’d be happy to talk with you about your case and try to get you the best result possible. My name is Ed Brown. Our Missouri phone number is 314-333-3333. Our Illinois number is 618-888-8888. And our website is BrownLawOffice.com.