Have You Received a Traffic Ticket? Brown & Brown Can Help!

Injury and Accident Attorneys Serving St. Louis, Nearby Missouri, Fairview Heights, and Nearby Illinois

Transcript: A lot of times we’re called about tickets: traffic manners, traffic offenses, speeding tickets. St. Louis, St. Louis County, St. Charles, Jefferson County. Most of these we can resolve pretty easily. My fees range from $50 for local cases to $100 for cases farther out. What do we do for you for that amount? We get it reduced to a non-moving violation, keep it off your record, keep your insurance rates low, keep your points from accumulating, keep your license from getting suspended, and just getting you a result that you’ll be happy with. My name is Ed Brown. Our phone number if 314-333-3333 and our website is BrownLawOffice.com.