Can I Get Probation Instead of Jail?

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Transcript: I’m often asked if this is an offense where I can receive probation. Usually there is some sort of probation involved. A lot of times, they just want you to stay out of trouble for 12 months, 24 months. If it’s a more serious offense, for five years. The last thing anybody wants to do is throw you in jail because it’s expensive to put somebody in jail. Probation is usually a much better way to handle the case and a lot of time in probation they’ll want some sort of schooling or drug testing, if it was a drug case, or community service – something where they’re making you an asset to the community instead of a deficit. So it’s much more likely that you will receive probation then going to jail or something like that. My name is Ed Brown. Phone number is (314) 333-3333 and our website is