John Zimmerman

Injury and Accident Attorneys Serving St. Louis, Nearby Missouri, and Nearby Illinois

John Zimmerman Attorney at Brown & Brown
Associate Attorney

John Zimmerman joined the Illinois Office of Brown & Brown in 2017 and has limited his practice mainly to representing injured workers against their employers and insurers in both Illinois and Missouri. John spent almost 25 years doing workers compensation cases but has now permanently switched over to representing workers instead of large, impersonal employers. Having worked directly for employers and their insurers, John gained a unique knowledge of how these people think and how they do business. He is now using that knowledge to help injured workers to receive the benefits to which the law entitles them.


John has handled thousands of workers’ compensation cases in this area and is comfortable with cases involving smaller injuries as well that cases where the injuries are catastrophic. These catastrophic cases require specific expertise in structuring settlements and satisfying the requirements imposed by Social Security and Medicare.

Education & Personal Life

John began his career in the criminal field both as a public defender and a prosecutor in the St. Louis area. He grew up in Minneapolis and Chicago. He came to St. Louis to attend the Washington University School of Law and never left. He enjoys coaching baseball and spending time with his two grown sons.