Life Insurance Bad Faith Lawyers

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The loss of any loved one is, no doubt, a tragic event that can leave a family reeling in grief for months or years. While such a loss can be devastating enough for families, what can make matters far worse is when insurance companies attempt to deny legitimate claims against the loved one’s life insurance policy.

Without life insurance policy payouts, families may be saddled with enormous financial burdens as they attempt to pay for their loved one’s medical bills and funeral and burial costs. When insurance companies deny or undercut legitimate claims against a life insurance company, they are acting in bad faith, and policyholders can sue these companies to secure the full amount of compensation they are owed from their claims.

Some specific examples of life insurance bad faith practices that insurance companies may use include (but are not limited to):

  • Canceling life insurance policies when claims are made against them by attempting to argue that the original paperwork misrepresented the health or condition of the insured individual (an unethical practice known as post-claims underwriting)
  • Denying claims by attempting to argue that the death was not accidental or that the circumstances surrounding the death were questionable
  • Claiming that a life insurance policy covers certain circumstances when it, in fact, does not (which constitutes an act of fraud).

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