Delayed Payments from Insurance Companies

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When you file a claim against an insurance policy, your insurance company is legally obligated to process that claim in a timely manner and issue a timely payment on legitimate claims so you can get the medical attention you need, pay for property damage or otherwise achieve a prompt recovery. Unfortunately, in some cases, insurance companies can intentionally delay payments on legitimate insurance claims.

Delaying a reasonable payment is a type of bad faith practice for which you may be able to sue the insurance company to secure the complete compensation you deserve.

Why Do Payouts Get Delayed?

Insurance companies may delay payments on legitimate claims to:

  • Try to get the insured to settle a claim for less than it is worth
  • Attempt to find reasons to deny legitimate claims (for example, by claiming that not all of the proper paperwork was submitted to the insurance company)
  • Avoid paying the insured the full amount of the claim

In such cases, the insured individual could have a bad faith insurance case against his insurance company. Attorneys at Brown & Brown are happy to pursue the full compensation you deserve.

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