Bad Faith Commercial General Liability Insurance Attorneys

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Commercial general liability insurance (which is also known as general liability coverage) is an insurance policy for businesses that protects them in the event their employees or customers sustain injuries on or off of the business’ property. While commercial general liability insurance can include coverage for premises liability, employer’s liability and employee benefits liability, it may also cover fire liability and some areas of the business’ operations.

When businesses have commercial general liability insurance coverage in place, these policies can provide coverage of medical expenses, court fees and other damages that a business may be held liable for in the event an employee or customer’s injuries are somehow caused by or related to the business. Despite the fact that many businesses have commercial general liability insurance, however, they may be left to fend for themselves in the event that their insurance company acts in bad faith by:

  • Denying legitimate claims that fall under their commercial general liability insurance policy
  • Unnecessarily delaying payment on legitimate claims
  • Undercutting the value of legitimate claims and only paying out a fraction of what should be paid for the claim.

In such cases, it’s essential that the insured remember that:

  • Their insurance policy is a contract between the insurance company and the business.
  • They can sue their insurance company for breach of contract and bad faith.
  • The insurance bad faith lawyers at Brown & Brown, LLP are here to aggressively defend their rights and help them secure the maximum possible compensation they deserve.

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