SSI Benefit Denials: 6 Reasons Your Claim May Be Denied (Pt. 3)

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Concluding SSI Benefit Denials: 6 Reasons Your Claim May Be Denied, here is a look at some final common reasons that the Social Security Administration (SSA) often denies benefits claims. For help appealing a denial, don’t hesitate to contact Brown & Brown Attorneys at Law.

If mistakes in your SSI benefits application have led to a denial of benefits, contact Brown & Brown for help getting the benefits you need and deserve.
If mistakes in your SSI benefits application
have led to a denial of benefits, contact Brown
& Brown for help getting the benefits you
need and deserve.

Additional reasons that the SSA may deny your SSI benefit claim include that:

  1. You refuse the prescribed medical treatments – As part of the terms of granting SSI disability benefits, the SSA requires that injured or disabled people are making an effort to recover as much as they possibly can. To this end, the SSA wants to see that a person is pursuing the medical treatments that his physician has specifically prescribed.When people refuse to follow through with these medical treatments and they don’t make an effort to try to improve their impairments as much as they possibly can, the SSA will generally deny their benefits claims.Here, it’s important to point out that there can be some exceptions to this rule, as people whose religion prevents them from undergoing certain treatments may still qualify for benefits. A few other exceptions can include:
    • Having a crippling fear of the prescribed treatment (for example, a fear of surgery or being put under anesthesia when the specific prescribed treatment is surgery)
    • Lacking the funds to pursue the prescribed treatment
    • Receiving different medical opinions regarding the best course of treatment for a person.
  2. You have a criminal record and/or addiction issue – When a person has developed his debilitating condition, injury or illness as a result of committing a crime (or due to being in prison for having committed that crime), then he will be not eligible to receive SSI benefits from the SSA. Similarly, if a person’s condition or impairment has stemmed from an addiction problem, then he will also typically not qualify for these benefits, and any attempt to claim them will usually be denied by the SSA.
  3. You fraudulently try to obtain SSI benefits – When the SSA discovers that a person has lied about the nature or severity of his condition in an effort to try to fraudulently obtain benefits, his claim will be denied (and that person may be subject to criminal charges and/or penalties upon conviction).It’s important to note, however, that people who are inexperienced with the complicated application process may inadvertently make mistakes on their applications that can be interpreted by the SSA has an attempt at fraud.

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If your SSI disability claim has been denied and you are fighting with the Social Security Administration to get the benefits you need, contact Brown & Brown Attorneys at Law today. Our St. Louis SSI lawyers at have a long-standing commitment to serving our clients, and we are experienced at navigating the complexities of the SSA to help our clients obtain the benefits they need and deserve. Our goal is to preserve and promote the rights and welfare of individuals and families so they have access to disability benefits and can obtain the essential medical care necessary to improving their condition and quality of life.

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