Nursing Home Employee Indicted for Stealing Residents Identities

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Nursing home abuse can come in various forms – ranging from physical assaults and violence to sexual abuse, emotional abuse and even financial abuse. Tragically, nursing home abuse can be as rampant as it is devastating, as federal data indicates that at least 1 in every 10 nursing home residents is subject to some type of nursing home abuse or neglect during their stay in these facilities.

A recent real-life case of financial nursing home abuse has reared its ugly head in Belleville after a receptionist at a nursing home was allegedly caught stealing residents’ identities and using them to make purchases.

Nursing Home Abuse: The Allegations

Nursing Home Employee Indicted for Stealing Residents' Identities
Nursing Home Employee Indicted for
Stealing Residents’ Identities

According to the indictment and police reports, the following are the facts and allegations associated with this nursing home abuse and fraud case:

  • The defendant reportedly rifled through residents’ mail to steal their personal information.
  • In one instance, the defendant allegedly used one patient’s Macy’s credit card to buy an item online (and had that item delivered to the nursing home).
  • The defendant also allegedly applied for a credit card in the patient’s name using a computer at the nursing home.
  • The defendant reportedly used the card to make multiple purchases, including paying her rent.

The accused now faces charges of aggravated identity theft, wire fraud and mail fraud. The nursing home, however, was not listed as a party to the criminal case.

Although it remains to be seen how the criminal case will be resolved, the victims in this case may be able to pursue civil action against the defendant. A civil nursing home abuse case may be the key to helping victims’ financially recover.

How Often Does Nursing Home Abuse Occur?

According to the National Center on Elder Abuse Administration on Aging, here are some of the latest findings about the prevalence of nursing home abuse in the U.S.:

  • About 7% of all reported nursing home abuse complaints foming from long-term care facilities were in reference to physical abuse, neglect, and exploitation.
  • In a survey of about 2,000 home nursing residents, nearly 45% reported that they believed they had abused, and about 95% said that they had suffered neglect or witnessed another patient being neglected  in a nursing home.
  • The vast majority of nursing home abuse and neglect incidents go unreported. This is primarily due to the facts that residents either:
    • Fear retaliation or don’t want to get the alleged abuser in trouble (which may be the case if the abuser is a relative)
    • Suffer from conditions (like dementia or Alzheimer’s disease) that prevent them from remembering or being able to communicate/explain/report the abuse they have suffered.

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