6 Mistakes to Avoid Making during a DUI Stop/Arrest (Part 3)

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Concluding our three-part blog 6 Mistakes to Avoid Making during a DUI Stop/Arrest, below we will discuss the final two common missteps that people make when they are stopped or arrested for suspicion of drunk driving. Knowing about these mistakes and doing your best to avoid making them when you interact with police can be crucial to protecting your rights and helping you to start building a strong defense from the first moment you come into contact with law enforcement officials.

After a DUI arrest, the biggest mistake people make is not hiring an experienced DUI defense attorney to help them resolve these charges.
After a DUI arrest, the biggest mistake people
make is not hiring an experienced DUI defense
attorney to help them resolve these charges.

Additional commonly made mistakes that can work against the accused include:

  1. Giving police permission to search your vehicle – While you may have nothing to hide, you should NOT allow police to search your vehicle or any other property if they ask to do so during a DUI stop. In fact, it’s critical to point out that, when police have to ask for your permission to conduct a search, they do NOT have the right to legally conduct that search without your permission.In such cases, never grant your permission for searches because police could find other “evidence” that may be used to file additional criminal charges against you. Instead, do your best to limit the potential evidence police have against you by refusing these searches and keeping your verbal communications to a minimum.
  2. Not hiring an experienced DUI defense lawyer as soon as possible – This is, perhaps, the single biggest mistake that people can make when they are arrested for a DUI. The fact is that, after a DUI arrest, accused people will have to defend themselves in an administrative case with the DMV and in a criminal case with the courts and that having an attorney who knows the law will be vital to building the strongest possible defense.

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